Academy Coaching

The Henley Golf Club Academy is aimed at men and women who wish to learn to play golf. The Academy offers three terms of structured tuition from the PGA Professional Coaching staff. Each term comprises 8 x 1hour modules. Teaching is in groups. Modules are run on Tuesdays, and will be repeated on the morning of the following Saturday.

Candidates are awarded, on successful completion of the course and a final playing round, a Golf Pass Certificate. This certificate will enable the Academy members to progress into a full playing category of membership at Henley Golf Club.

Academy membership at Henley Golf Club gives the member access to and use of all the club practice areas plus the clubhouse bar and dining facilities, and costs £135. The tuition fee per term is £130, if all 3 terms are paid in advance, the cost will be reduced to £350.

Junior Coaching

Individual Lessons

Mark Howell PGA Qualified Professional

1/2hr £28

James Prince PGA Qualified Professional

1/2hr £24

1hr £42

David Connors PGA Qualified Professional

Sanu Yonjan PGA Qualified Professional

1/2hr £17

1/2hr £17

1hr £32

1hr £32